2020-21 Chamber Pass Program FAQs

Chamber Pass Program Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the questions below are actually answered and detailed on Aspen Skiing Company’s website. Details about Aspen Skiing Company’s standard pass offerings for the 2020-21 season can be found here.

Aspen Skiing Company has its own FAQ page with very detailed answers, including insights as to why certain business decisions were made by the resort this year.

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The Chamber’s role is to verify eligibility for the discount.

The rest of the process is done directly with Aspen Skiing Company.

The Basics

When will you send me my voucher?

We won’t. This is an opt-in multi-step process:

Members must opt into the program; then the chamber verifies that the business is eligible for the discount and sends a link to the ASC Chamber Pass order form. The member completes the order form, selecting a preferred payment method, then pays ASC for the passes. Vouchers are provided by ASC once the transaction has completed.

What is different for the 2021-22 season?

Same digital process. New pass products. (although if you participated in the program in a non-COVID year, the products will look rather similar to past offerings).

Do I need to physically come to the chamber?

No! This year there will be a no-contact process for verification of eligibility, pass selection and payment.

  • Step 1 and 2 (with the Chamber) – Online only
  • Step 3 and 4 (with ASC) – online then phone/email/in-person depending on the payment method selected in the ASC order form.

All steps have a no-contact method, whether done digitally via email, or a website, or by phone. In fact – showing up to the chamber office in person will actually delay the overall process for your business. While the chamber staff would love to see our members face-to-face, physically coming in to the office is a logistical and public health nightmare (E.g. In 2019, during the last week of the super early discount pricing, representatives from 107 businesses walked through the Chamber office.)

What does a business need to do before the pass process?

Please refer to the pre-verification checklist. Then read the details on the Digital Process Overview which explains each step of the new process.

What important dates do I need to know?

Pass sales start on Monday, August 16, 2021. The Super Early Pricing discount ends September 17, 2021. Due to delays during the 2020-21 season, the chamber will stop processing Opt-in registrations on September 10, 2021. This is to allow our members enough time to finish the second half of the process with Aspen Skiing Company (pass selection and payment) prior to the Super Early Pricing deadline.

It is highly recommended that members act as soon as possible, as there needs to be a buffer for turnaround time. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!

What passes are included in the Chamber Pass Program this year?

  • Premier Chamber (unlimited skiing + IKON Base pass)
  • Alpine Pass 2-Day Chamber (two days to use per week)
  • Alpine Pass 1-Day Chamber (single day to use per week)

This is detailed on the Aspen Skiing Company website. NOTE: Aspen Skiing Company offers additional pass products, however only a select few are included in the Chamber Pass Program at a discounted rate.

Can chamber staff help me decide which pass is right for my business?

No. This is ultimately a business decision for your organization. The chamber is here to support our member businesses, but we are not in a position to advise on the best pass product for your unique situation. Pass questions should be directed to Aspen Skiing Company. The Chamber’s role is to simply verify that the business qualifies for the discount.


What businesses are eligible?

This is detailed on the Aspen Skiing Company website. (See Qualifications)

Business Qualifications: To purchase Chamber passes a business must be located and operated in the Roaring Fork Valley and must be a current member of the Chamber of Commerce in the community in which the business is operating. The business needs to provide local mailing and physical addresses.

Chamber Pass Audit: A random audit of businesses will be performed each year to ensure compliance with the Chamber pass program. Businesses that do not submit information at the request of the Chamber or are found to be in noncompliance will incur a fine. Please call your local chamber for any questions about the audit.

What employees/spouses are eligible?

This is detailed on the Aspen Skiing Company website.  (See Qualifications)

Owner/Manager/Employee Qualifications: Only owners, managers, and employees living in the Roaring Fork Valley (as their primary residence) AND working a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week during the winter season are eligible for the discounted season passes. Non-working owners, friends, contract laborers and consultants are NOT eligible. Real estate agents and brokers affiliated with a registered brokerage firm are eligible.

Spouse Qualifications: Only spouses of owners, managers and employees living in the Roaring Fork Valley (as their primary residence) are eligible. The owner, manager and employee must meet the qualifications above in order for the spouse to qualify. To verify eligibility spouses must be able to provide legal documentation such as a Marriage Certificate, Common Law Affidavit or Civil Union Certificate if audited.

Can my 1099 contractors get the discount?

Not through your business. Only W2 employees are eligible. If they have a business, and meet all the necessary requirements, they can get a discounted pass on their own.

The What ifs

What is the refund policy?

This is detailed on the Aspen Skiing Company website.  (See SEASON PASS REFUNDS).

All unused 2020-2021 season passes are fully refundable through November 20, 2020. After November 20, 2020 passes are nonrefundable and unused days have no value. For the Ikon pass refund policy please see their website

What insurance is available?

This is detailed on the Aspen Skiing Company website.  (See Details). Insurance rates are listed in the chamber pass pricing chart (3rd column).  For more information about Travel Guard’s Multi-Event insurance plan, visit travelguard.com/multievent or call Travel Guard at 866-385-4839. NOTE: A closure due to COVID-19 is not a covered reason.