2022-23 ASC Chamber Pass Program – voucher redemption

How to redeem a Chamber Pass Voucher

Avoid the ticket line – Chamber Pass Vouchers can be redeemed ONLINE! 

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  • A vouchers can only be redeemed by the individual pass holder who is a qualified employee, spouse or owner of a Chamber member business. 
  • The chamber does NOT have access to any voucher numbers. If this information is lost, contact ASCPaSS@aspensnowmass.com
  • Once a voucher has been redeemed (aka is loaded onto a pass via the steps below), it is no longer refundable. Travel Guard’s Multi-Event Insurance plan can help cover the ski pass investment for covered reasons prior to the beginning of the ski season or if other covered unforeseen circumstances arise during the ski season. To learn more visit ASC’s Chamber Pass page and scroll down to Season Pass Insurance section.

For more information on pass benefits:

  • Premier Pass holders: Visit ASC’s Premier Pass and scroll down to Premier Pass Benefits or once a pass is loaded, view it in the Aspen Snowmass App: Account > Passholder Benefits.
  • Alpine Pass holders: Visit ASC’s Alpine 1 & 2 Day page and scroll down to Alpine Pass Benefits or once a pass is loaded, view it in the Aspen Snowmass App: Account > Passholder Benefits.

For more information on Season Pass insurance:

  • Visit ASC’s Chamber Pass page and scroll down to Season Pass Insurance.

Where to find the voucher number(s)

Chamber Pass Program representatives from each business were sent voucher numbers for each individual (employee/spouse/owner) associated with a Chamber Discounted Pass during Step 4 following payment. Voucher numbers can be found on the Sales Order Confirmation Receipt sent by ASC. 

Search for an email from ASCPaSS@aspensnowmass.com with the subject Thank you for your ASC Chamber Order & Payment – Voucher ID #’s attached! There will be PDF file named SalesOrderConfirmation_[BUSINESS NAME]Receipt.pdf which will include the voucher numbers and links for redemption. 

If vouchers were purchased in person, the Chamber Pass Program representative may have received a physical card with a voucher number on it near the barcode: 

How to redeem a voucher for a pass online

Additional details about the voucher redemption process are available on Aspen Skiing Company’s website, under the collapsable section Redeeming Your Voucher:

ASC website redeem voucher


Follow the steps below to redeem a Chamber Pass. The pass holder must have their unique voucher number in order to redeem a pass. Not sure where to find the voucher number?  NOTE: These are screenshots from Chamber staff redeeming their pass. Your exact website experience may vary.

Getting started online

In a web browser, enter the link provided from the Chamber Pass Program representative at your organization. The link begins with: shop.aspensnowmass.com/?code=

Click Redeem Voucher.

ASC_Redemption screen 1

Once your voucher is confirmed, you will be directed to the Chamber Pass Product. The Chamber Pass Product associated with the voucher value will be automatically selected with options to upgrade to a higher pass (only applicable to Alpine Passes). E.g. If the voucher is for an Alpine 1-Day Chamber pass, there will be the option to upgrade to an Alpine 2-Day Chamber or Premier Chamber pass), where the pass holder will need to pay the difference. 

ASC_Redemption screen 2

More options fall below this initial portion of the webpage for a specific pass type.

Scroll to select any additional options, such as insurance, Resort Charge, or the Locals Clinic Pass. Again, the pass holder will have to pay for any additional items  above and beyond the voucher’s stored value. 

Once a pass (and other products have been added), click Add To Cart to continue through the check-out flow. The shopping cart will display all the products and the voucher number as a discount code. 

Close up redemption code in cart

There will be the option to reload a previous year’s RFID Aspen Card or opt to receive a new one. If a new card is required, please follow the steps below to visit one of ASC’s Pick Up Boxes for a new card. Click Continue.

ASC Redemption screen - Aspen Card

Then sign all the waivers tied to the selected products in the cart. When complete, click Continue.

ASC waivers screen SIGNED

On payment page, the pass holder will be prompted to re-enter the voucher number (see image below). Any remaining balance will be due upon check-out. Click Apply to add the value of the voucher to the product(s) in the shopping cart. If the value of the voucher equals the value of the selected pass, it will show a remaining balance of $0. The voucher code acts as a stored value coupon code for this transaction. If there is a balance greater than $0, enter payment information, then click Continue. If there is no balance, simply click Continue

ASC final cart\

On the next screen, click Confirm Order. 

 ASC voucher redeemed

The pass holder will receive a confirmation email. The voucher has successfully been loaded onto a pass, and the pass holder is ready to hit the slopes!

Picking up an Aspen Card

<p”>When you arrive at the mountain, click here for Pick Up Box locations.

  1. To access the QR code:  Check your email confirmation upon completion of your chamber pass redemption


On the Aspen Snowmass App: Click the person icon in the right top corner and select QR codes

  1. Scan your QR code at the Pick Up Box
  2. Your Aspen Card will print

Questions? Please reach out to ASCPaSS@aspensnowmass.com