3 Pro Tips for the 2023-24 Chamber Pass Program

The Chamber Pass Program has been in existence for well over a decade.

In that time, the Chamber has seen it all. Below are a few pro tips to help you move through the program.


1. Be Patient 

This is the chamber’s busiest month, with the greatest number of member interactions seen all year. The Basalt Chamber membership consists of 400+ businesses and non-profit organizations. That means there are a lot of transactions, questions, phone calls, and emails on top of regular chamber business. While we may not be able to get to your question immediately, it will be addressed (and answered) in a timely manner.

Each Chamber Pass Program member opt-in is processed manually, and staff needs to ensure its accuracy so our members can smoothly move through the three steps of the process.

Additionally, Aspen Skiing Company has its own internal processes for the program that require turnaround time. Between all the chambers in the valley, there are over 1,000 other businesses going through the ASC queue. There is a human behind the scenes making every single transaction happen. Expect the entire process – from opt-in to voucher numbers in hand – to take to 6-9 business days.

2. Act Early – The Process Takes Longer Than You Think

The Super Early Discount is available for one month and time will fly. There are three steps to complete the process, and members typically underestimate how long it will take to go from start to finish. It takes 2-3 business days to complete each step (6-9 business days total), organizations need to start as soon as possible to ensure ample time to move from opting-in to having voucher numbers ready to be loaded onto an Aspen Card this winter. 

Members who opt-in during the Early Action Incentive timeframe (August 15-25), will be entered into a drawing to receive a $325 credit towards next year’s membership.

Opting in early offers a few advantages: Processing time is faster earlier on; the more businesses that start going through the process, the longer processing takes. Completing the process early means less stress and one less thing on your To Do list

Friday, September 8, 2023, is the last day for the chamber to process opt-ins for verification of eligibility. Any opt-ins after September 8 will be charged a $150 rush fee. 

3. Hold Tight on the Voucher Numbers

This Pro Tip is for members who have completed the Chamber Pass Program Process and have secured voucher numbers.

While there is the Travel Guard Multi-Event Insurance plan, which covers before and during the winter season, there is another lesser-known way to get a full refund:

Unredeemed 2023-2024 Chamber pass vouchers may be returned to Aspen Skiing Company for full refunds through February 15, 2024. Once a voucher (the unique numerical code) has been turned into a pass (i.e. loaded onto the Aspen Card, which provides lift access) it becomes nonrefundable, even if the pass is never used. Refunds will NOT be provided after February 15, 2024. 

Because of this option, it is highly recommended that Chamber Pass Program vouchers remain unredeemed until the start of the winter season. Load vouchers onto a pass right before hitting the slopes.

But why would I want to wait to load the voucher onto my card?
In short – because life happens. Common scenarios we’ve seen:

  • An Accident or Surgery – An employee goes mountain biking in Moab, breaks their leg, and their winter season is out. If their Chamber pass is still in the voucher form, the business can still return it for a full refund.
  • Unsure of Winter Staffing – Business owners/managers may not yet know what winter staffing will look like, including who will be on staff for 20+ hours a week during the winter season. Hold off on giving out voucher numbers until you are sure of winter shift schedules.
  • An Employee Quits, Leaves, or Loses Hours – If a voucher is redeemed by an employee who then quits (or drops below 20 hours/week) before or even during the winter season, the business can no longer return the pass. In this instance, the business will need to contact the individual, then ASC to turn off access to the pass. Then the business will need to pay ASC $50 to transfer the pass to an eligible employee.