Annual Meeting

December 2, 2021

A virtual Annual Meeting

This year’s annual meeting will be once again held on Zoom. The meeting will include the following speakers:

  • Town Manager Ryan Mahoney, Town of Basalt – “State of the Town”
  • County Manager Jeff Shroll, Eagle County Government – “State of the County”
  • Executive Director Kris Mattera, Basalt Chamber of Commerce – “State of the Chamber”
  • In addition, the membership will review revised bylaws and vote on adopting them.

Updating the bylaws

On December 2, 2021, the Chamber held a membership vote to adopt a revised set of bylaws for the Basalt Chamber of Commerce. If approved, they will replace the current version, which was adopted in 2015. THE VOTE TO APPROVE THE 2021 BYLAWS PASSED.

Summary of changes

  • Modernizes the bylaws to allow for greater flexibility and use of technology (e.g. strikes references to using USPS as the only means to communicate with members, and allows for use of email, Zoom and future technology to meet the needs of the organization)
  • Realigns order of sections to match industry standards for bylaws; adds in additional details about the organization
  • Removes language that is better suited for Policies & Procedures documentation, and not the official governing documents of the organization (An analogy: The bylaws are the equivalent of the U.S. Constitution, which is a founding and guiding document; the Policies & Procedures are equivalent to different laws, which can be more readily altered to meet the changing needs of the organization)
  • Clarifies roles and responsibilities within the chamber
  • Clarifies the election and appointment of Board of Directors
  • Alters the Board of Director election to a slate based approach to allow for greater diversity and representation within the Board. This is the current standard among chambers. The bylaws from 2015 have a popular vote based election.
  • Shortens the term for Board of Directors from 3 years to 2; term limit remains at 6 years. On average, BOD were serving two years before needing to step down. This change is to align with the reality of the commitment of serving on the Board.

In short, the majority of changes in this revision better define who the organization is, how it operates and how the Board of Directors and Officers are structured.

Current Bylaws (2015)

Proposed 2021 Bylaws  <– PASSED by unanimous membership vote on 12/2/2021

2015 amendment language:

“These bylaws may be altered, amended or repealed and new bylaws may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of those members present at any regular meeting or special meeting of the Basalt Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, provided at least ten (10) days’ written notice of the proposed change is given prior to such meeting referencing the intention to alter, amend or repeal or to adopt new bylaws at such meeting.”


  • Introductions
  • “State of the Town” – Ryan Mahoney, Basalt Town Manager
  • “State of the County”– Jeff Shroll, County Manager, Eagle County Government
  • “State of the Chamber”– Kris Mattera, Basalt Chamber of Commerce
  • Bylaws discussion and vote

About Jeff Shroll

Jeff Shroll is the Eagle County Manager and has been with the County for the past three and a half years. Prior to working with Eagle County, Shroll was with the Town of Gypsum for 24.5 years as the Town Manager. As a resident in the valley since 1994, Jeff has worked with many private and public partners over that expanded period of time. In his time with Eagle County he has been part of assembling a new leadership team to deal with the three declarations of emergencies in that same time period.

Shroll was born in Denver, raised in Grand Junction and graduated from Heritage High School. Shroll holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Western State College of Colorado and a master’s in public administration from the University of Colorado at Denver.

When not declaring emergencies, Shroll enjoys hunting, fly fishing, coaching track at Eagle Valley High School, officiating High School Football and has two more 14teeners to finish in Colorado to complete all 58. He has been married to his wife, Elizabeth, for 24 years and has three daughters he is very proud of.

2020 Annual Meeting recording

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