Aspen Skiing Co.’s Spring Pass Sale – What you need to know

While the 2021-22 ski season is not over yet, today Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) announced its annual spring sale for next winter’s (2022-23) passes. The sale runs through June 15, 2022.

Key takeaways

  • ASC’s annual Spring Pass Sale only applies to non-Chamber/non-discounted Premier Passes for the 2022-23 season. This is the lowest cost for this pass type available to the general public.
  • NEW! These 2022-2023 non-chamber Premier Passes are 100% refundable through August 31, 2022. No conditions. If your circumstances change, even if you just change your mind, ASC will refund your investment 100%. After August 31, passes are nonrefundable and nontransferable.
  • The Spring Pass Sale provides insight into what the Premier pass may cost; the sale price is set at $2,479. (via The Aspen Times: Aspen Skiing Co. raises price of non-chamber Premier Pass by 8% to $2,479 in spring sale)
  • All other passes, including the Chamber Passes and any other discounted products, go on sale late summer 2022.
Learn more about the sale | Be sure to read the FAQ section!

What does this mean?

The ASC Spring Pass Sale is for people who buy a traditional, full access regular season pass (i.e. full-price), not through a discounted pass program, such as the Chamber’s. That being said, the new refund policy tied to this sale does offer a way to hedge your bets on future pass products and pricing.


REQUIRED DISCLOSURE: This blog post includes known information, mixed with a historical understanding of ASC’s Chamber Pass Program. The Chamber is not responsible for any bad pass decision making; this is to help you make an educated guess. Ultimately, this is a financial and business decision you must make on your own. We do not have a crystal ball; we wish we did!

Discounted Chamber Pass Program sales to start in August 2022

What to consider

If you are unsure if you will remain a Chamber member OR If you are unsure if you will meet ASC’s requirements for the Chamber Pass Program: You may want to consider purchasing the Premier Pass during the Spring Pass Sale.
REMINDER: Chamber membership does NOT guarantee the ability to participate in the Chamber Pass Program:
  • To purchase Chamber Passes a business must be located and operated in the Roaring Fork Valley and must be a current member of the Chamber of Commerce in the community in which the business is operating. The business needs to provide local mailing and physical addresses.
  • Only owners, managers, and employees living in the Roaring Fork Valley (as their primary residence) AND working a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week during the winter season are eligible for the discounted season pass. Non-working owners, friends, contract laborers and consultants are NOT eligible.
If you plan to remain a Chamber member AND meet ASC’s requirements for the program: It makes sense to wait until the discounted Chamber Pass Program season begins in August to purchase your season passes.
If you had a 2021-22 Alpine 2-Day Chamber or Alpine 1-Day Chamber pass: The Spring Pass Sale only includes the full Premier Pass. ASC will not released details on additional 2022-23 pass products until summer.