Kris Mattera

Executive Director | director [at]

Kris moved to the Roaring Fork Valley from Boston, Massachusetts in late October 2016, following years of visiting Colorado and a summer working in Buena Vista. She received her undergraduate degree in graphic design and multimedia studies from Northeastern University and a Master’s degree in integrated marketing communications from Emerson College. During her 13 years in Boston, she worked in marketing and communications roles at higher education institutions and advertising agencies, in addition to teaching social media at the undergraduate level.

Kris is fascinated by the intersection of community, technology, society and the digital space, and how it can be leveraged to build personal connections and tell great stories. She moved to the valley due to its mix of job opportunities, recreation, culture, mountain town charm and natural beauty. Kris has found chambers of commerce to be the lifeblood of mountain communities. “Every day I feel so lucky to live here and have the opportunity to work and play in a beautiful postcard.”

Her interests include running, skiing, hiking, camping and being outside as much as possible. She loves traveling, especially visiting National Parks and adding stamps to her NPS passport. As a native New Englander and runner, she is back in Boston every Patriot’s Day, where she has volunteered for 15 years at the Boston Marathon Finish Line, and serves as the team captain for food distribution.

Danielle Boyle

Office Manager & Membership Relationship Coordinator | info [at]

Danielle is a long-time valley local. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Colorado State University. After completing leadership, marketing, and operations courses out in California, and in Colorado, she transitioned her career into marketing and operations management. 

Despite living around the United States and abroad, Danielle found that she missed the valley and thought of it as “home”. The amazing beauty, small town way of life, and world class culture create a unique place that isn’t easily replicated. As a result, she is an active part of her community and strives to bring a sense of community to the environments she is in.
Danielle enjoys travel, skiing, hiking, reading, cooking and baking. She is a self-proclaimed foodie, wine nerd and is currently working toward a sommelier certification. She never misses volunteering at a Food and Wine Classic event or taking part in a Mountain Fair weekend.

Shannon Gaut

Apogee Bookkeeping | accounting [at]


Employment Opportunities

The Basalt Chamber of Commerce is currently seeking a part-time Office Manager & Membership Relationship Coordinator. Applications are due by June 20, 2023