The three-step digital process explained

The Chamber Pass Program process can be completed 100% online and has three steps: 

  1. Member Opt-in
  2. Chamber Verification of Eligibility
  3. Member completes ASC Pass Selection and Payment with ASC

Step 1 and 2 are between the business and the Basalt Chamber; Step 3 is between the business and Aspen Skiing Company. Each step requires turnaround time, so DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! 

BEFORE STEP 1 – Ensure the business meets the ASC qualifications (see Who is eligible?) AND review the pre-verification checklist. The entire Chamber Pass Program process will be delayed if the pre-verification checklist items have not been addressed prior to Step 1 | Member opt-in.

IMPORTANT | During the audit process, selected businesses must provide the proper documentation in order to prove its eligibility and legitimacy. Prior to opting into the program, it is recommended that businesses review the list of required documents and be prepared to provide them if selected for the audit. If a business believes it will be unable to provide the required documents, it should highly reconsider its participation in the program, as there are extreme consequences for those that violate the terms. Please contact the Chamber at (970) 927-4031 with any questions.

STEP 1 | Opt-in

Member takes action | Complete by September 8, 2023

Opt-in Form 

The chamber leverages an event registration function within its database to manage the opt-in process. Please read the instructions.

  • The opt-in form must be completed online. Chamber staff will NOT complete the form on behalf of the business. 
  • Last minute opt-in registrations occurring after September 8, 2023, will be charged a $150 rush fee.

REMINDER Only one person per business/organization. The designated Chamber Pass Program representative should complete the opt-in form as well as pass ordering and pass payment with Aspen Skiing Company (ASC). This person is the only point of contact for the entire process for the business and should be an owner, manager or a key person in an HR or Accounting role. The representative is responsible for the management of the program within their organization and controls pass distribution and record keeping. The Basalt Chamber and ASC will only work with the designated representative for the business, not individual employees.

 Instructions   ← how to complete the opt-in registration form, with step-by-step screenshots

Confirmation of Step 1

When the form is properly submitted, the Chamber Pass Program representative will receive a “Registration Submitted” confirmation email from the chamber’s database. This confirms that Step 1 is complete. 

STEP 2 | Verification of Eligibility

Chamber takes action

Chamber staff reviews the opt-in registration, then determines if the member meets the eligibility requirements of the Chamber Pass Program. This includes checking to see that all invoices are paid.

If the member does NOT MEET the qualifications: The Chamber Pass Program representative will be contacted with the required steps for the business to be considered eligible. This will cause delays with the process.

If the member does MEET the qualifications: Chamber staff adds the member’s information to Aspen Skiing Company’s eligible businesses database. 


  • Allow up to two business days for Chamber staff to process the registration form and complete the verification of eligibility.
  • Chamber staff will not verify eligibility until the annual membership investment has been made.

Make a membership dues payment

Confirmation of Step 2

Once the chamber has verified the member, the Chamber Pass Program representative will receive a “Verification of Eligibility” confirmation email from the Chamber. This confirms that Step 2 is complete. 

The Chamber’s role is to verify eligibility for the discount.

The rest of the process is completed directly with Aspen Skiing Company.

STEP 3 | Pass Selection and Pass Payment with bStore

Member takes action | Complete by September 15, 2023

New for 2023!ASC online ordering and payment system bStore

ASC creates an online business account for its platform bStore based on information provided by the chamber. Account creation may take two to three business days. 

CHAMBER PRO TIP | Leverage the turnaround time between Step 1 and Step 3 to review pass types and determine the needs of the organization. This will expedite the ordering process once the business gains access to the shopping portal. For pass insurance questions, visit Travel Guard or call 866-385-4839 for more information.

bStore Account creation and login

Please allow 2-3 business days | Once the account has been created, the designated Chamber Pass Program representative will receive an email with the subject line “Confirmation of bStore enrollment for [BUSINESS NAME]” from either OR (The sender address from ASC changed part way through the Super Early Discount time frame; members who opted-in sooner have emails from the DoNotReply address). 

If you cannot find this email, search for the subject line: “Confirmation of bStore enrollment”

The body of the email will include a link to the bStore online order form, as well as the unique business username and password to login. Do NOT change the password to this account.

bStore Pass selection and purchase

Using the ASC-provided username and password, the designated Chamber Pass Program representative will log in and complete the pass selection and pass payment process. Not all fields are required; please refer to the bStore Instructions.

 bStore login page  ← order passes here

 bStore Instructions   ← PLEASE READ. How to select and purchase Chamber Passes through ASC’s bStore. 

Once payment is received by ASC, the business has officially locked in the Super Early Pricing rate.


  • Allow up to two to three business days for ASC staff to complete the account creation for the bStore. 
  • Complete the pass selection and pass payment by September 15, 2023 to lock in the Super Early Pricing
  • Chamber staff does not have access to ASC’s system, and cannot see where a member is within Step 3 of the process. 

ASC Payment Requirements

  • Payment to Aspen Skiing Company for all Chamber pass vouchers must be made by business credit card, business check or wire transfer.
  • Personal checks and cash will not be accepted. Personal credit cards or checks will only be accepted from the business owner whose name is specified by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Chamber pass vouchers can also be purchased in person at a ticket office.

Payment Confirmation

Once payment is complete, the Chamber Pass Program representative will receive an email from with the subject line: Aspen/Snowmass – bStore Cart ID XXXXXXXX : [Designated Pass Person’s name] Chamber : SalesOrderConfirmation_Reseller.

For example, the Basalt Chamber’s received the email below. In the chamber’s case, we received two emails that were essentially identical.

The email contains a PDF attachment with your Chamber Pass order information. 

Aspen Skiing Company staff will then process your order, and send a follow-up email when complete.

Order Confirmation and Voucher numbers

Please allow 2-3 business days | Once the order is processed by Aspen Skiing Company, the Chamber Pass Program representative will receive a order confirmation and voucher ID email from Product Sales and Services ( with the subject line: [Business Name] – Order Confirmation and Voucher ID numbers

For example, the Basalt Chamber’s received the email below: 

Keep scrolling…..

The email contains two PDF attachments: 

  • 2023-24 Chamber Guidelines and Benefits
  • A PDF receipt ([BUSINESS NAME]– Order Confirmation and Voucher ID numbers.pdf) with corresponding 10-digit voucher numbers for the passes that were purchased. 

The body of the email contains important information about voucher distribution and how to redeem the voucher for a ASC pass (loading it onto an RFID Aspen Card). The voucher link(s) for future redemption will be listed in the attached PDF:

Congratulations – you have completed the 2023 Chamber Pass Program process!

About vouchers

What is a voucher?

Prior to the digital Chamber Pass Program process, paper vouchers were provided to a business, one for each purchased Chamber Pass. The voucher had a unique code indicated the pass type and value. Today, the term voucher refers to the unique digital code that can be redeemed for a season pass (e.g. 1234567890). It represents the stored value of a pass, similar to a gift card.

CHAMBER PRO TIP | A lot of change can happen in a few months, so it is a best practice to wait to distribute voucher number(s) until the beginning of winter season. This is to ensure that a voucher is only redeemed by the individual pass holder who is a qualified employee, spouse or owner of a Chamber member business. It is also a good idea to wait to redeem because of ASC’s refund policy (below).

Voucher refunds

Unredeemed* 2023-2024 Chamber pass vouchers may be returned to Aspen Skiing Company for full refunds through February 15, 2024. Refunds will NOT be provided after February 15, 2024. Once a voucher has been turned into a pass it becomes nonrefundable even if the pass is never used. *Unredeemed means that the voucher has NOT been loaded onto an RFID Aspen Card.

Voucher redemption

Details about the voucher redemption process are available on Aspen Skiing Company’s website, under the collapsable section “Redeeming Your Voucher.” Please contact Aspen Skiing Company at with any questions.

Additional details

Season Pass Insurance: Travel Guard’s Multi Event Insurance plan can provide coverage for events that happen beyond your control. It can help cover your ski pass investment if you need to cancel your season pass for covered reasons prior to the beginning of the ski season or if other covered unforeseen circumstances arise during the ski season. For questions on the season ski pass insurance, visit or call Travel Guard at 866-385-4839 and reference product 101074 P3. To add pass insurance please contact Aspen Skiing Company at 970-923-1227 or 877-282-7736

Details coming soon.