Investment Levels

Chamber Membership

The Basalt Chamber of Commerce is currently on tiered system: membership is based on the benefits provides, with a threshold based on Full Time Employees (FTEs) for the lower membership levels. The Chamber is always willing to work with our businesses to find a plan that best suits their needs, and different options can be discussed. For questions, or to learn more about being a member, please contact Kris Mattera, Executive Director. 

Tiered packages

More details are outlined in the membership application.

Membership is not approved until payment has been received. The Chamber accepts credit cards and checks. Online payment is now available.

Legacy membership

Pre-2020 members

Basalt Chamber members who joined prior to 2020 may still be on our legacy fair-share membership system (membership investment was based on the total number of FTEs). Please note that the benefits associated with the legacy membership may be greater than what is offered within the tiered levels, and thus may have a higher membership dues rate. We are working with members to slowly convert them over to the tiered system, finding the right level of investment based on the business’s needs.

Community membership

$150 annually

Benefits including attending Chamber member events and receiving the weekly newsletter. This membership level is for:

  • Retired business owner/ community member without business
  • Employee of non-member business, including remote workers.
  • New business within the first year of operation. (First year only – the business must have just been incorporated) 
  • NOTE: This membership is NOT eligible for the Chamber Pass Program or other similar benefits.

Referral discount: Current Basalt Chamber members who refer a new members will receive a $25 credit on next year’s investment.

Multi-chamber discount: Members who belong to additional Chambers, where the Basalt Chamber is not their “home” chamber, receive a 10% discount. (e.g., A business based in Carbondale that is a member of the Carbondale Chamber is eligible for a 10% discount on their Basalt Chamber membership investment.)

Basalt Chamber Dues Policy [PDF] – effective December 1, 2017


There are several different ways for you to support the Basalt Chamber of Commerce, including sponsorship. Each year the Chamber organizes and hosts a series of educational workshops, community events and Chamber-focused events that benefit from the financial support of our sponsoring businesses.

Consider investing in a combination sponsorship package to complement your marketing goals as you seek to elevate market presence and support the business community. For questions, or to learn more about becoming a sponsor, please contact Kris Mattera, Executive Director.

Upcoming opportunties:

  • Member Breakfasts
  • Basalt Chamber Summer Concert Series
  • National Night Out
  • Economic Vitality: Hack & Grind Coworking
  • Educational events
  • Annual Meeting