• For the Love of Water

    Article by Scott Condon // The Aspen Times

    At first blush it might seem ironic that one of the biggest attractions in the mountainous terrain surrounding Basalt is a body of water. But Ruedi Reservoir has been a true oasis for 50 years. The reservoir was constructed in 1968 as… Read More

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  • Real Food: How Basalt Strives to Serve Up the Freshest Fare

    WHEN FREE RANGE Kitchen & Wine Bar first opened, a local food writer commented that tomatoes were not being served on that particular night — and a patron took note. “He looked at me like I had two heads,” co-owner Steve Humble said, with a laugh. “‘What restaurant doesn’t… Read More

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  • Basalt Then and Now: Kelly Block

    Article by Scott Condon // The Aspen Times

    THE HISTORY of a town sometimes is best revealed by how its buildings have changed over time. In 2018, one of Basalt’s oldest and most historic structures is beginning a new chapter after changing hands for the first time in 73… Read More

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  • Fond Memories of Fryingpan's Golden Age

    Article by Scott Condon // The Aspen Times


    Arthur “Art” Bowles and his wife,Pauline, have got history — lots of it, especially regarding the Fryingpan Valley and Basalt. Art, 88, spent the first 16 years of his life playing and working at the Diamond J summer… Read More

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