Public Schools

Basalt Public Schools are part of the Roaring Fork School District. Students located in designated parts of unincorporated Eagle and Pitkin Counties attend school in Basalt. 

School level data

Enrollment information

The Basalt Education Foundation (BEF) raises funds to enhance education in the Basalt public schools. The organization seeks to maximize community investment in the Basalt schools to deliver innovative, creative programming and experiences for every student, removing all school budgetary constraints, to provide students with the highest quality education possible.

Additional primary and secondary school options

In addition to the Basalt public schools, there are additional schools in the valley, however their selection criteria may vary. NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list.

Higher Education

Colorado Mountain College (CMC) has 11 campus locations in the Rocky Mountains, with a service area covering 12,000 square miles. The CMC campuses closest to Basalt are Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Spring Valley (a residential campus near Glenwood Springs) and Central Services located in Downtown Glenwood Springs. In addition to the nearby campuses, CMC offers several courses in the Basalt area.

CMC is one of the nation’s most affordable colleges, offering bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees and certificates through credit classes. Additionally, there are many non-credit opportunities for personal growth and professional development, including GED, ESL, courses on the latest software and even fitness classes. Learn more about CMC’s class offerings.