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Genre: Reggae/Dub
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Special Street Dance!
“Our goal as a band is to spread positive vibrations with our music, sharing words of wisdom and gratitude to inspire and empower our fellow brothers and sisters to know thyself and to stand in truth and love.”

Niceness is rooted in the traditional sounds of island reggae; seamlessly integrating elements of soul, funk, latin and hip-hop while staying true to their authentic reggae vibes. Their lyrics embody a conscious message rarely found in this day and age; centrally focused on love, personal responsibility, interdependence, and sustainability. With a strong foundation of musicians, Michael Gomberg on drums, David Christeson on keys, Dustin Wilson on guitar, Stosch Dembitsky on bass, Jonathan Barfield on percussion, John White on saxophone and Jared Wright on trumpet, the musical sense and rhythm is solid allowing for the vocal melodies of Koral Delatierra to sweep you away into the niceness that is abounding all around us.