November 2020 Chamber Office Hours

During the month of November, the Chamber’s operations will be modified, due to staffing restrictions. NOTE: At this time, the Chamber is a staff of one.

November 6 through November 15

The Chamber will be completely closed. Our Executive Director will not be checking email email during this time. She will be out due to a surgery, then up to a week of post-op recovery. Email will be deleted off of her phone, so that she can use this time to truly focus on recovery.

Due to the timing of the Chamber Pass Program, it is high recommended that members Opt-In prior to November 5, in order to allow enough time for processing through each step with the Chamber, then each step with Aspen Skiing Company. Do NOT wait!

November 16 through at least November 30

The chamber will be operating as a remote office. The physical offices at 208 Midland Ave will be closed to the public.

Members of Hack & Grind Coworking will still be able to get access to the space, however drop-ins and punch pass users will need to make a reservation at least 48 hours in advance in order to be granted advance access to the space. New members may be able to join during this time, as the onboarding process can be done remotely.

Alternative contacts


  • New members can complete the online application, and will be contacted once the Executive Director is back, working remotely.
  • All other membership inquires will be addressed following the Executive Director’s return.

Billing related

  • Invoices can now be paid online. NOTE: The invoice # is not required.
  • Additional questions can be directed to or call (877) 993-3225. NOTE: Our bookkeeper only works one day a week.


November 2-5

Regular Chamber operations, focused on the Chamber Pass Program and wrapping up urgent items before a week out of the office. 

  • 11/2-5: Standard operations

November 6-13

The chamber will be completely closed. I will not be answering emails or the phone. And to be honest – pain meds plus answering emails is likely a bad combination. 😉

  • CLOSED, out of office (no email/phone). Physical office closed to the public.

November 16 through at least November 30

    • 11/23-25: Working remotely; physical office closed to the public.
    • Virtual office hours available.
    • 11/26-27: Thanksgiving – CLOSED

Beyond November 30
The future operations of the chamber – how often I will be working remotely versus in-person – will evaluated at this time.

  • The chamber office will be reopened once the Executive Director has progressed enough through physical rehabilitation, is able to walk, and is cleared to drive. Public facing office hours will be limited, as there will be continued rehabilitation/physical therapy demands for at least 12 weeks post-surgery (into 2021).


Additional updates will be posted here.