Chamber Pass Program | Pre-verification checklist

Do this BEFORE starting the Chamber Pass Program Process

Do not pass GO. Do not collect a ski pass discount until you complete the pre-verification checklist!

For the fastest processing – please complete the following steps BEFORE contacting the chamber or completing the opt-in registration form:

☐ Is the business a current member of the Basalt Chamber of Commerce?

    • Not yet a member? Join here. It may take up to two-three business days to process your application.
    • Previously a member and need to rejoin? Please email or call us with the business name and total number of full time employees (FTEs). Do NOT fill out an application as it will create a duplicate account in our system. It is much faster for us to reactivate an old account and update it with current information.

☐ Are all outstanding invoices, including membership dues, paid?

    • If not – pay online. For your security, the chamber is unable to accept credit card payments over the phone. If you have questions about an invoice, please email or call us. Don’t forget to include the business name!

☐ Is the business information up-to-date in the chamber’s database?

☐ Has the business selected its designated Chamber Season Pass representative to handle this process?

    • Each business/organization must designate a Chamber Pass Program representative to be the single point of contact during the three-step process. Only the designated Chamber Pass Program representative should complete the program process with the Basalt Chamber and ASC, not individual employees. This person is the only point of contact for the entire process for the business and should be an owner, manager or a key person in an HR or Accounting role. The representative is responsible for the management of the program within their organization and controls pass distribution and record keeping. 

The entire Chamber Pass Program process will be delayed if the above items have not been addressed prior to the member opt-in.

Make a membership dues payment

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