Chamber Pass Program | Pre-verification checklist

Do this BEFORE starting the Chamber Pass Program Process

Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200 until you complete the pre-verification checklist!

For the fastest processing – please complete the following steps BEFORE contacting the chamber or completing the registration form:

  • Is the business a current member of the Basalt Chamber of Commerce? If not – become a member today.
  • Are all outstanding invoices paid? If not – pay online. Due to the volume, the chamber is unable to accept credit card payment over the phone.
  • Is the business information up-to-date in the chamber’s database? If not – Member login | Forgot username/password? |  No login created? Create one now.Basalt Chamber Member Portal instructions. If you have difficulties creating an account, email
  • Has the business designated a single Chamber Season Pass representative to handle this process? If not – please do so. This person will handle all interactions with the chamber and ASC. An ideal representative is an owner/manager/HR/payroll person. Be sure this individual has a login (see above bullet).

The entire Chamber Pass Program process will be delayed if the above items have not been addressed by the business prior to the member opt-in.

Make a membership dues payment

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