Profile: Aspen Rent-All

The 2022 Discover Basalt magazine features several of the family-owned and operated businesses that make Basalt special. Below is the full version of one of these “It’s A Family Affair” profiles.

Aspen Rent-All is a second-generation family-owned business with Beth Hoff Blackmer at the helm. The business rents all types of construction equipment from earthmoving, material handling, compaction, demolition and power tools to the do it yourself equipment.

Photo by C2 Photography.

What is Aspen Rent-All’s success story?

Beth: Aspen Rent-All was started April 1,1967 by my father Dave Hoff who was looking for a new business opportunity in the Roaring Fork Valley so he could be home to raise three kids rather than continue working in traveling sales. Over the next 33 years he grew the business, supplying construction and general tools to contractors and homeowners. 

In 1999 he decided to sell the business. I was on a bike trip with my parents and some family friends when two of the gentlemen came upon me riding and stated they thought I should take over the business. They gave me all the reasons they knew it could work, and I knew these were two successful businessmen worth listening to. The following day, I approached my father and was given a welcoming response. He told me to be fair to my siblings that I needed to purchase the business and in January 2000, I officially became the owner. Since then, I’ve grown the business 350%. In 2014, I purchased the property in Holland Hills and moved the business from half an acre to two acres. Since moving to the midvalley, the business has annually experienced double digit growth. 

What is it like running a family-owned business?

Running a family owned business that has been serving our community for 55 years is an honor! Our core focus is to help customers get their jobs done easily and efficiently with an enjoyable rental experience at a competitive price. The challenges are the same as others-finding staff and the cost of housing for them so many come a far distance daily.

Why did your family choose to do business here?

My parents came from Minnesota in the mid sixties to raise their kids in a town rather than a big city. They wanted the mountain lifestyle!

What do you love most about Basalt?

Being part of the Basalt community is wonderful! I love the small town character and the friendly neighbors. I love being able to run my errands on my townie bike by riding the bike path into town daily when there is no snow on the ground.

What is the impact of “supporting local” to you and the business?

95% of our customers are local contractors and homeowners. We have a huge repeat business that we feel very blessed for. We hope to keep growing our business and providing items to help people get their projects done.