Profile: Heather’s Savory Pies and Tapas

The 2022 Discover Basalt magazine features several of the family-owned and operated businesses that make Basalt special. Below is the full version of one of these “It’s A Family Affair” profiles.

Heather’s Savory Pies and Tapas is owned and operated by Heather and Rene Lujan, a husband and wife team. The restaurant is best known for its comfort food, friendly atmosphere and live music almost every night.

Photo by C2 Photography.

What is Heather’s Savory Pies and Tapas success story?

Heather’s Savory Pies was born out of a deep love affair with entertaining and home style cooking. Our home was an ever revolving door of friends and family dinners, these connections came from many parts of the country which added to our list of friends, and helped to develop many regional culinary delights. Finding herself an empty nester, in 2009 Heather opened the Mayberry Cafe in the Phillips 66 Gas Station in downtown Basalt. For two years, she served breakfast and lunch; this is where Friday Pie Day was conceived. Heather’s Savory Pies became a reality in 2012.

What is it like running a family-owned business?

Heather: Running a family owned business is both challenging and rewarding. The years leading up to opening the restaurant was an opportunity to make the Basalt community yet another extension of my family ties. Prior to the business I was a local caterer and stay at home mom, while Rene was traveling back and forth from Long Beach for his thriving business in Southern California. I can now say that the best part of this family owned business is having my husband home. It is now his job to know everyone in Basalt and welcome them into our home as our friends, to experience and enjoy Heather’s home cooking.

Why did you choose to do business here?

The Roaring Fork Valley has been our home since 1991 when we bought our first home in Basalt. We raised our three children on Riverside Drive. Often our children asked “Mom, when are you going to open a restaurant?” I never thought that far ahead, but they did! The advantages of doing business in our beautiful quaint town of Basalt is just that: it is quaint and beautiful. This is what makes Basalt’s residents feel like family.

What do you love most about Basalt?

The favorite thing we like to do in Basalt is ride a bike, stroll along the river with our family and have dinner at Heather’s on the deck and listen to our amazingly talented local musicians.

What is the impact of “supporting local” to you and the business?

The local support is authentic. We believe what is given out comes back two-fold. For the past ten years we have been supported by our community by both regular and new customers, and we appreciate it dearly. With customers Rene gives of himself in a way that he won’t be forgotten. He is interested in having conversations with our patrons and I know they appreciate his interest in them. Rene makes the time to always say thank you, drive safely and have a wonderful evening. We are very much alike in this regard. Shopping local is a must and Basalt has the best selections anywhere.