Profile: Isberian Rug Company

The 2022 Discover Basalt magazine features several of the family-owned and operated businesses that make Basalt special. Below is the full version of one of these “It’s A Family Affair” profiles.

The Isberian Rug Company was founded more than 100 years ago and is the only full-service rug facility in Colorado, offering unsurpassed selection as well as master repair, cleaning and appraisal services. The family-owned business spans more than five generations, and is run by parents Stephan and Heather Isberian and their daughters Taline and Anahid.

Photo by C2 Photography.

What is Isberian Rug Company’s success story?

Driving his 1959 pink Cadillac, Stephan initially came just to visit in 1967, but as with many valley stories – he never left! Heather’s story mirrors her husband’s – she came through the valley and ended up putting down roots, and starting their family. She joined the business in 1972. Daughters Anahid and Taline were born at Aspen Valley Hospital, and as adults, are the latest generation running the family business. The originally Aspen based business has gone from a handful of rugs during Stephan’s fateful trip to the thousands in inventory today.

Recognizing the importance of Basalt, in 1991 the family Cody Lane store. Today Isberian keeps moving forward, having recently left Aspen to open a second location in Willits.

Stephan’s father provided him with great business advice early on: “Your wealth is in the number of clients you have and in the personal attention you give.”

What is it like running a family-owned business?

The four Isberian Rug Company family members noted the ups and downs of running a family business:

  • Stephan: “What could be better than to be surrounded by my family?…The trying part is that it is all day!!”
  • Heather: “I feel the safety zone that my family affords me, especially regarding business decisions..[it is] hard trying to balance family and business and keep them separate”
  • Anahid: “I get to spend every day working with  the outstanding individuals in my family….[but I am] constantly trying to find a balance between love of family and love of business”
  • Taline: The best – “Feeling the inherent trust in your family members that they want the very best for the business itself” The worst – “Hard to turn off the business when you leave the building!”

What do you love most about Basalt?

Heather: “We love the diverse nature of our residents and their appreciation of their surroundings. We enjoy the local eateries, hike and work practically non stop!! We shop, garden and get out into the sunshine as often as we can.” Proud grandparents Stephan and Heather enjoy spending time with their two grandsons, watching them grow up and hoping they will continue the family rug tradition.

What is the impact of “supporting local” to you and the business?

H: Our family appreciates and recognizes the small town community, and the loyalty of our clients which has led to good and lasting friendships. Our hope for the business is to continue growing our local success and stay in this amazing town for good. Our hope for Basalt is common to many people here – that we all honor the small town essence of Basalt.