Member Profile: Kseniya Mamlin | FirstBank

Kseniya Mamlin, Vice President

FirstBank – Roaring Fork Valley

What is your valley origin story?

I found my way to the Roaring Fork Valley 10-years ago. I was a member of the FirstBank RFV founding team and have been a part of our growth from one branch in Glenwood Springs to the opening of our fourth branch in Basalt. 

How did you get started in this business?

I love math and numbers, and from a young age banking interested me. I joined FirstBank straight out of high school, I started as a teller and through the years have been able to make my way up to Vice President. 

What is unique about your business?

I think our CEO Jim Reuter says it best: “At FirstBank, ‘banking for good’ is far more than a tagline. It’s a belief that the composition of the bank goes beyond a bottom line or quarterly figures. Rather, it’s the people – customers, community, and employees – that are the central motivation for every decision.” For my team this means that we get to dedicate ourselves to supporting the good in the Roaring Fork Valley community. This has meant serving on the boards of nonprofits, sending staff out for paid volunteer hours, and funding projects we think are enhancing our community’s way of life. 

What would be your one piece of advice for someone just starting out?

Keep learning! Get your degree, that certificate, learn a foreign language, stay ambitions! Education will open so many doors!

Why Basalt?

Basalt is a linchpin community in the Roaring Fork Valley. With so many locals residing in the area and many people passing through the region on a daily basis, we knew we needed to have a presence in town. We are so grateful for the warm welcome we received when we opened and the community partnerships we’ve been able to foster being in Basalt.

Why are you a Basalt Chamber member?

Community is a central motivator to FirstBank’s approach to business! The chamber offers so many opportunities to be a part of the Basalt community and does so much to support the local businesses!

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