Hack & Grind

Welcome to Hack & Grind, Basalt’s local coworking space and small business center. 
Located at 208 Midland Ave, in Downtown Basalt
Proud member of Proximity Space


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Hack & Grind is a place where locals and visitors alike can come to work, learn, and collaborate. The space’s name is a nod to both Basalt’s railroad history and the Chamber of Commerce; in railroad slang “hack” is a caboose and “grind” is an engine.

We are excited to create a space for area small businesses to form, establish themselves, and grow. Hack & Grind serves several functions – it is a coworking space, small business resource center, small event venue, and an economic hub. The space provides a location where professionals can conduct business, and grow it in a supportive environment.  

Visit our space to work, meet likeminded people, and host clients. Basalt Chamber members are eligible for discounted rates. 

We are for locals, by locals, and we are on a mission to help your business. 

Helpful Links

How to create a Hack & Grind Coworking account

How to reserve a workstation or the conference room

Map of Proximity Space affiliated coworking spaces

Who is this space for?

Hack & Grind is ideal for:

  • The business professional who needs to meet with a client.
  • The non-profit organization that needs a space for a Board of Directors or committee meeting.
  • The sole proprietor who needs to get away from the house/kitchen/kids and have a productive work environment (or a place to interact with other professionals).
  • Traveling professionals who need a space to work for the day or week while they are visiting the Roaring Fork Valley
  • The owner/entrepreneur who wants in-person access to Small Business Development Center (SBDC) resources, including consultants and workshops
  • Businesses who need a venue to host a workshop or a small gathering.
  • Small businesses who want an afford, “plug and work” office option in Downtown Basalt.
  • Chamber members who want greater access to the organization.